Share your contact details with just one single tap with the help of NFC Technology.


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Here is why you should choose NFC Card.

No More Printing Business Cards

Go green and stop printing business cards, start sending your info to your leads digitally with Meravcard

Easy Communication

Clients and leads can call you, send text, and email with a simple click, what business card can do that?

Distribute Your Content

Upload and share unlimited flyers, brochures, and other documents to your leads and clients

Real Time Updates

Download our iOS or Android app to manage your cards and update them in real time

More than 35000 business owners have become smart

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Let’s Understand NFC Near Field Communication(NFC)

NFC is nothing but short range communication of up to 4 cms (Near field) for exchange of data! This is the same technology that is used in credit & debit cards for contactless Transactions! Why has this Technology gained momentum?

No need to establish a connection by pairing like in bluetooth

No need to even open or scan like a QR code

No wired connection

NFC can help you, your Business in multiple ways..

Frequently Asked Questions

– Meravcard is really not something complex. It’s simple, it’s just your visiting card but better. Imagine you are at an event and run out of visiting cards, imagine you give a client your visiting card and they just throw it out, those things do not happen when using a Meravcard. It’s one card for your life*, you just take your Meravcard and tap on a smartphone and that’s it. All your information gets transferred to that person’s mobile and stays there safe. Meravcard does this through the NFC chip embedded in the card.

– NFC is something called Near Field Communication. It’s a short range wireless technology that allows for information sharing. It’s something like your wifi but with a very short wireless range. It enables the exchange of data and information between two compatible devices such as smartphones, tablets and NFC enabled cards with a simple tap. It is easy to use, as it requires minimal setup or configuration. It provides a fast and convenient way to transfer data.

– Yes, Yes and Yes. Meravcard is the safest NFC Business card in the market. Your card details are completely encrypted with us and will be forever safe.

– No, you do not have to. Meravcard is a one time investment. You just pay for the card you get and that’s it, you do not have to pay a rupee more after that.

– See that is the difference between normal paper visiting cards and our cutting edge Meravcard, you do not ever need to reprint. Incase in future you want to change your details, you can just login to your portal and change any information you want, anytime, anywhere, that simple. You save money, you save time and most importantly you save all that wasted paper.

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